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» 2018 «
Do, 04.01.2018 11:34
» hello 2018,
hello sad Janury, that always makes me doubt, think, plan ... a lot of pressure you brought with you.
Just a few words:
thank you 2017, you ended wonderful and 2018 you started awesome.
Some small wishes for myself, on which I should try working on.
It is not important what you achieve in life. It is about who you are, how you spent your life, that you loved and made life also better for the people around you.
Ignore anger, negativity and the behaviour of some people. Smile at yourself in the mirror. Make others laugh. Love. Use the time you have got. Don't worry too much. Change a NO to a YES. Make excursions. Travel. Meet people. Tell them how much you care for them. Trust yourself. Among work and studying do not forget to live. These moments are much more important. You grow from the ones at work, but you live from the ones in your freetime. These are the memories you can build on, you can think of in difficult times.
Oh how beautiful it is snowing outside.
Be thankful. For the people. For your life. For the time. That you are healthy. Nothing else matters that much.
Make dreams come true. See the positive. And love yourself. «
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